Edward F. Kozub


Husband, Father, Father-in law, Son, Brother, Grandfather, Uncle, and most of all,



This website, offered in loving honor, in the memory of Edward F. Kozub. We have attempted to bring together a collection of thoughts and pictoral memories in celebration of Ed's life. But rather than offer a fat cyber-scrapbook, we have selected a limited number of items in his memory.

For all those who knew Ed your memories of him are very special and highly personal. Nothing -- not pictures, video or specially written words can compare to the power of our memories that are locked deep in our minds. It is for this reason that this loving tribute to Ed has no intention of competing with the power of our own memories. Rather, Ed's friends and family have endeavored to collect items about which we think he would want you to be aware.

Not all of us who knew him had the pleasure of knowing his every dimension. More importantly, few, other than Ed's family and very close friends, had any idea of his spiritual journey as he traveled the road of physical deterioration.

There is an old saying that goes something like this: Live your life in such a manner that it will be how you'd like to be remembered when you are gone. In other words, what do you want on your tombstone? In the final months, days and hours with our beloved Ed, when what's important in life becomes abundantly clear, we learned that these are the things we know he would want to proclaim to the world.
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