A Story of Healing

Noah Joseph Kozub, Ed’s grandson, was born three weeks after Ed went to heaven. Noah was Baptized on December 20, 1998 by Fr. Charles Gonet pastor of St. Catherine of Siena Church, Springfield, MA (USA). On Noah’s Baptismal day, a beautiful statue of Our Blessed Mother was brought to the church and placed on a table in the social center where the Baptismal party would take place.

This statue, called the mystical rose, is owned by Neil and Francis Harrington Sr. ( parents of the visionary who had the dream about Ed’s heavenly journey). Neil and Fran began the Enfield, CT prayer cenacle many years ago after a trip to Medugorje. The statue had been taken from the apparition room in their home where the Mother of God had appeared to their son Neil Harrington, Jr. This statue has been periodically weeping oil or water for a number of years. The statue began weeping oil on the evening of December 19th and continued to weep throughout December 20th.

Our Lady was placed in the church during Noah’s Baptism and then returned to the table in the social center. During the reception party, Fr. Gonet told Noah’s grandmother that he had to leave for a while but would return. They were standing in front of the statue and she suggested that he apply some of the liquid at the base of the statue to his ailing knee. His knee was scheduled for total reconstructive surgery at the end of January 1999. Endoscopic surgery had diagnosed severely torn cartilage. This condition caused him pain most of the day, awakened him at night, and was getting worse. He walked with great difficulty, often using a cane and bending his affected knee became almost impossible. A number of times, as he climbed the stairs of the alter, he looked like he was going to fall. Many parishioners wondered how he was going to make it through the holidays.

The surgery was originally planned well before the holidays but was post-poned , we believe, because of Ed’s illness. Ed was given a short time to live and in spite of Fr. Gonet’s own painful problem we know he wanted to be there for Ed. Fr Gonet visited Ed everyday and was often at his side more than once a day towards the end of Ed’s life. When Fr. Gonet returned to the social center Noah’s grandmother asked him how his knee felt. He said "when I applied the oil I felt a sensation in my knee and the pain went away completely, I feel like I could run".

About a week later Fr. Gonet shared the details of the healing. He put the oil from Our Blessed Mother's statue on his fingers and was going to the sanctuary to apply it to his knee but he felt an urging to go before the tabernacle in the church. While in front of the tabernacle, as he applied the oil to his knee, he felt a sensation in the knee area and the pain left. Also, a woman from the parish has shared her experience walking by Fr. Gonet shortly after the healing. She said there was a strong fragrance of roses as he passed her in the hallway connecting the church and the social center. She looked around but there were no other people or flowers in the area.

She did not learn about the healing until the next day. Another beautiful piece of this story comes from the church secretary. The day after the healing, while listening to Fr. Gonet tell the church deacon the details of his healing, she experienced the fragrance of roses in the area where she was sitting during the entire time the story was told. For those of you who do not know, Our Blessed Mother’s fragrance is roses.

At this writing, over one month later, Fr. Gonet’s knee continues to be free of pain, he walks briskly; he can kneel, climb stairs, and does not tire as he did before. He describes his knee as feeling like it did in his high school football days. Many members of the church have said that he looks ten years younger! The total knee reconstructive surgery has been cancelled. Three doctors told him not to have surgery but had no explanation for the healing. Ed must be rejoicing in heaven for this holy man’s healing. We know healing comes from God, but we wonder if God allowed Ed to intercede for the priest he loved and who gave so much to him. We know that God allowed the Blessed Mother to be an intercessor in this miraculous event. We thank God and Our Blessed Mother for Fr. Gonet’s healing and for allowing our family to be a part of this miracle.

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